Monday, September 13, 2010

Adventure time!!!!

I still chuckle at the naming of the "National Forest Adventure Pass" here in Southern California. But hey, if even the parking pass is tilted toward adventure you're in for a treat right?

Hot off the internet presses I have a new video from SGR.  Few days have been as hard fishing SGR as Sunday was.  I had some rises on my fly but no takers.  There is a spot in the beginning of the video where you can see trout rising all over but not once on our flies.

The totals between me and my friend on this day was one for him, a small rainbow trout and zero for me :(

We did talk briefly with a few fly anglers one seemed to been having luck with a bushy dry fly and a nymph dropper.  The other recommended Mayflies. 

Regardless of my lack of fish it was still a great close-to-home adventure.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eagleclaw Featherlight Review

One of my favorite rods when you compare price to value.  Its a great cheap rod that everyone should have in the trunk just in case!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sometimes the beauty of it alone is worth the trip!

Wife some friends and I headed out to San Diego this past weekend.  I got to sneak off for a bit and do some pier fishing, which is way out of my normal fishing routine.  Wife found me a cool spot though.  At Crystal Pier, there is a small kiosk that rents pole, buckets and provides bait for $14.00 all day.  Not bad at all.

The best part was the wonderful scenery.  Particularly since I didn't catch a thing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Days that just click.

Last Saturday a buddy and I were able to head out of San Gabriel River West Fork for a little fly fishing.  As I titled the blog it was a transitional day in my fly fishing journey.  I'm a beginner, but I felt much calmer.  Casting felt good, fish were where I thought they would be and I was able to set the hook on more than I would have normally.  My friends at work have talked about the moment that "It Clicked" when they refer to recent times golfing ect...  This day of fly fishing was like that for me.  Felt really good man.

I also tested out my new Kodak Playsport camera.  I learned alot and there are plenty of tips for this cam...  Like blowing on the mic after the camera takes a dip.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New camera on the way!

The last time we went to SGR I brought all I could in my day pack.  I ended up using it all though like my first aid kit on a hooked friend.   At one point I took a dip a little deeper then I had expected -beyond my waist- and I was thankful that I had packed my camera and my phone in my backpack which saw no water the whole day.  That dip lead me on a journey to buy a dedicated fishing camera.  Something a little more robust in terms of water exposure...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cutting the gear down = Tenkara?

   If you follow the Fly Fishing online scene you no doubt have heard of TenkaraTenkara, is what I'd call the traditional Japanese style of fly fishing.  At the very least I can say it is a simpler form of fly fishing.  Remember simpler or simplistic in design is never a bad, Tenkara is a prime example.

Monday, August 2, 2010

San Gabriel River, Saturday.

We had a craving for fast moving water and wild trout. That meant we were heading north to the San Gabriel river west fork.  For those that might not know it can be found off the of the 210 fwy heading north on Azuza.
Carefully wading up stream
SGR was a new experience for all five of us.  There were lots of high points to the trip and everyone was able to catch (and release) some beautiful wild rainbow trout.  The downside to the trip was sadly the impact from humans.  The massive volume of trash and graffiti absolutely infuriated me. In a few instances I saw a bag of trash complete with dirty diapers left on the ground and weighted down with rocks...  I couldn't FATHOM a situation were it made sense to bag up trash weight it down but not just carry it out?!